Printing and publishing Translations from this free to view site for profit is strictly forbidden

This information belongs to the Ministerio Publico in Portimao, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law


All readers of this site are welcome to use the files for research. The files were translated pro-bono from a team of translators.

You may notice that we have the original Portuguese files attached to each translation. I have also credited each translator

With the 2 files together (translation & jpg Portuguese) it can be double checked that the translation has the correct wording.

When copying and pasting the translations to Blogs, Websites, Twitter, Face book and any other social media sites. It would be preferable to quote the actual file that you are quoting from. Were applicable the translators name should be credited.

One thing I must point out, the translations were done pro-bono and the translators have forbidden anyone to use them for profit.

This means any information that is put in print must be for information only and not for Profit. This must be made clear at the beginning of any print article.

PDFs of the translations are not available from this site, as it is a read only site.

Note from translators

No translation published on this website may be used for any kind of commercial purposes or for inclusion in publications offered for sale. Reproduction in full or in part of any part of these texts requires the explicit agreement and authorisation of the translator, be it 'Astro', 'Ines' or any other translator who is using their right to publish under pseudonym, protected by Article 2 of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.



Kind regards
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