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GNR 16-05-07

1346 to 1347 Witness statement of José Carlos Leal Pimentel 2007.05.16


05-Processos Vol V Pages 1346-1347
Witness Statement

José Carlos Leal Pimental

Date: 2007-05-16

Occupation: GNR Officer

He has been a GNR officer since 1992 and is currently stationed at the Lagos GNR post.

At about 00.00 on 4th May, he received a telephone call at his home from Officer Costa, informing him that a child had disappeared from P da L. he was also informed that the post commander had previously tried to contact him, which had been impossible as he had left his home, forgetting to take his mobile phone with him.

He immediately left for P da L in his own car and met his post commander, Sergeant Duarte who accompanied him to the site of the events in the resort in P da L. Officer Costa was on site. The witness arrived at 00.10 - 00.15.

According to orders from his superior he teamed up with Officer Costa to carry out external searches of the resort in case the girl had left the apartment and got lost nearby.

At about 04.00 AM they searched the streets, gardens, caravans, lorries, etc. As well as questioning lorry drivers in the parking area next to the "Luz Tur" building, they stopped a caravan with two English individuals, who said they lived in the Espiche area. The caravan was duly searched.

When carrying out the search of the resort area they also saw several local people helping to search. He remembers a woman named Silvia who worked at the resort.

He left for home at about 04.20.

As regards the McCann's apartment that the girl disappeared from he was in the corridor next to the entrance when the forensic team arrived from Portimao. He never had any contact with the McCann family or friends.

When asked about Robert Murat, he says that he does not remember having seen him at dawn, having seen him during the day on 4th May in the afternoon at about 17.00- 18.00. He saw Murat pass by close to the mobile post accompanied by Officer Costa. At this time he was searching, he (RM) appeared with roll of electrical cable, that he was going to give to the mobile GNR post in the Rua Agostinho da Silva.

The witness saw him that night at about 22.30 in the Tapas restaurant. He was sitting at a table with some OC employees, including, as he recalls, Silvia responsible for maintenance at the resort.

No more is said. Reads, ratifies, signs.


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