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03  - Leicestershire Constabulary continuation of witness statement


5 - 1 Apensos V, Vol  1 Page 3

Leicestershire Constabulary Continuation Witness Statement

Continuation Statement - 4th May

Continuation Statement: Information from the Family

There is a male who owns a pizza hut in the resort called George originally from Liverpool. He states that on Friday morning at 5.55 AM on Friday 4th May 2007 he saw a couple acting suspiciously carrying a child near to the marina.

He can be contacted on the following number: ***

The pizza hut is near to a place called Amy Dukes.

The police have not yet spoken to this male.

(In different handwriting)

Info from family to McCann.

Portuguese resident/business owner

Reporting couple with child

5.55 AM 4/5 near to the marina.


04 - Information about George Burke sighting of child near marina
05 - Logo of Lite Bites Sandwich Shoppe, Lagos Marina
06 - Copy of George Brookes - passport
5 -1 Apensos V, Vol  1 Page 4 to 5


To: DIC Portimao
Sent: 8th May 2007, 11.28
Subject: Fwd Madeleine McCann

From: M. Martins ( email address)
Date: 8th May 2007, 10.14
To: DIC Portimao
Subject: Madeleine McCann

I have followed the case in the press as I live in the Algarve. However my attention has been drawn by the news that an English citizen (George Burke) who returned to the village in the morning from Lagos and who says that he saw a couple with a child at about 06.00. Would this person not be suspicious due to being from the village and be returning 7 seven hours after the events? Please excuse my boldness and if I am bringing false accusations due to lack of information, I apologise again but feel that I have to share my preoccupation. I hope this does not make you lose time.

Good luck

Apensos V, Vol 1 Page 5
Lite Bites Sandwich Shop Logo, Lagos Marina

Apensos V, Vol 1 Page 6
Copy George Brooks Passport

07 - External diligence re marina de Lagos sighting 2007.12.04
5 - 1 Apensos V, Vol  1 Page 7

External Inquiry Report

Date: 2007/12/04
Place: Lagos Marina, Lagos.
Responsible Officer: Inspector Joao Carlos

Description and Result of Inquiry:

On this date I went to the abovementioned place with the purpose of gathering elements related to the previously mentioned information about a supposed sighting of Madeleine McCann, by a British individual named George Brooks in the early morning of 4th May 2007.

Once I arrived at the scene, I checked that there was effectively a restaurant establishment on the first floor of the complex, called Pizza Hut. This establishment was closed, because of the opening hours. However, in order to collect information, I went to another establishment called “Lite Bites” which is next door and where there was an employee, who identified herself as GS, of British nationality.

During our conversation, she said that she has worked there since May of this year, the owner of the space being George Brooks, identified by the enclosed photocopy of his passport, which she provided.

She said that the whereabouts of the owner were unknown since the 21st September 2007. On this date he collected....

(following page 8 is missing)

4201 to 4202-Service information re: Wright's suspect statement


16-Processos Volume 16 Pages 4201 to 4202


To: Paulo Rebelo

From: Ricardo Paiva, Inspector

Date: 2008/04/24

Re: Various Activities Regarding the Investigation NUIPC 201/07.0GALGS

Regarding the content of the attached email from British Authorities, with particular focus with respect to the statement by Michael Terrence Wright, in the international letter of request which is being implemented by the Leicestershire Police, on the 6th of May, 2007, in Praia da Luz, a pizza kitchen worker, of British nationality and originally from Liverpool, commented to that witness that her father, George, had seen a man carrying a child, in the early hours of May 4th of 2007. He does not know if George contacted the authorities about this. This testimony was recorded by Inspector Joao Carlos and myself as follows:

--Yesterday, after heading toward Praia da Luz late, we located the pizzeria shop (PIZZA REAL) mentioned by that witness. It is situated in a kiosk on Rua da Praia. Even though it was closed at the time, we obtained the telephone number ********* of said pizzeria which is open from 18H00. This same night, we contacted the manager, C*******, using that telephone number and she immediately identified the employee as Amy. She told us that Amy was no longer in Portugal and that she had returned to the U.K. She was requested to contact Amy and ask her to contact this police force.

--Today, at 11.37, the signatory received a telephone call from *******, from a woman who identified herself as J***, mother of Amy, and who told me that as soon as possible, George, her husband, and Amy's father, would contact us. Around 17H16, we were contacted by George, Amy's father, from telephone no. *********. Regarding the facts in question, he states that he had already contacted the OH in May of 2007 and at this time relayed to the police that at around 06H00 in the morning on the 4th May, 2007, he saw a couple passing the Marina de Lagos. The man was carrying the child. It was ascertained at that time that the aforementioned situation would not be of interest to the investigation.
Ricardo Paiva
From Michael Wright's statement:
As for additional information I would like to add that on Sunday, 6 May I went to the pizzaria in PdL and bought a large quantity of pizzas. I was attended by a girl from Liverpool. I explained to her my relationship to the McCanns and she told me that her father 'George' had seen a man carrying a child in his arms in the early morning of 4 May in the resort. I asked her if her father would speak about this to the Portuguese authorities. I don't know if the information was ever investigated.


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