This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

368 to 477 - Villamoura marina information list of embarkations











Boat movements. Outros Apensos: 02 - volume II - apenso VIII.pdf
Be warned:
- There are documents duplicated on different case file pages;
- there are different documents from different locations giving different information about the same boat;
- there are documents from the same location with different or missing information about the same boat;
- most data came from detailed embarkation sheets, some data came from a list that had no dates except in its tite "movements between 1/5 and 7/5/07',
- other data came from a 'boats in port' list for which some embarkation sheets were found.
Altogether a right royal mess, and Discoverer and Gladeye will be of interest to royalists.

The reports suggest that all boats were followed up but the PM/PJ appeared to have some location issues with San Elen, Iron, Tiarri, Panic, Moonraker and Fun Too - which they eventually resolved.

In the following schedule:
'Page' is the official page number in the case file appendix
'Port' is the location from whose records the information was obtained
'Crew' shows nationality of persons on board; Multiple nationalities are in the form 'skipper\other'
Document numbers are shown for Vilamoura records to show duplicates and differences.
Page    Port      Boat            Flag  In         From        Out      To           Crew & dockets
------- --------- =============== ----  ---------- ----------- -------- ------------ --------------
497     Lagos     4 Pack           NL   27/04/07   Vilamoura   28/04/07 ?            NL
469     Lagos     4 Pack           NL   27/04/07   Vilamoura   29/04/07 Vilamoura    NL
519     Lagos     4 Pack           NL   06/05/07   Vilamoura   07/05/07 ?            NL   

377     Vilamoura Adamastor        PT   03/10/99   ????        06/05/07 Portimao     PT   298837   
433     Portimao  Adamastor        PT   01-07/5/07

396     Vilamoura Adastra          GB   04/05/07   Lagos       05/05/07 Valencia     GB   334683   

462     Lagos     Aellopos         GB   05/05/07   Portimao    06/05/07 Portimao     GB     
492     Lagos     Aellopos         GB   05/05/07   Portimao    06/05/07 Portimao     GB     
514     Lagos     Aellopos         GB   05/05/07   Portimao    06/05/07 ?            GB

355     Portimao  Alcacer          PT   06/05/07   Albufeira   07/05/07 Albufeira    PT   
433     Portimao  Alcacer          PT   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

359     Portimao  Allegro          PT   24/07/06   Lisboa      07/05/07 Lagos        PT   

441     Albufeira Amorita          PT   07/05/07       

441/450 Albufeira Annecy           GB   08/05/07   Lagos       09/05/07 Faro         GB\IT   
433     Portimao  Annecy           GB   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

441     Albufeira Antaris          PT   07/05/07               31/05/07              PT   

471     Lagos     Antidoto         PT   29/04/07   Portimao    30/04/07 Vilamoura    PL   
502     Lagos     Antidoto         PT   29/04/07   Portimao    30/04/07 ?            PL   
386     Vilamoura Antidoto         PT   30/04/07   Lagos       01/05/07 IslaCristina PL   334633   
414     Vilamoura Antidoto         PT   04/05/07   Isla Canela 03/05/07 Portimao     PL   334671 Date? 
399     Vilamoura Antidoto         PT   04/05/07   Isla Canela 04/05/07 Portimao     PL   334671   
350     Portimao  Antidoto         PT   04/05/07   Portimao    05/05/07 Portimao     PL   
433     Portimao  Antidoto         PT   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

434     Portimao  Araxa                 01-07/5/07     

368     Vilamoura Artemis          GB   14/04/07   Marrocos    03/05/07 Muldoon      GB\DK 334425   
381     Vilamoura Artemis          GB   14/04/07   Marrocos    03/05/07 Muldoon      GB    334425   
412     Vilamoura Artemis          GB   14/04/07   P-33        03/05/07 Muldoon      GB    334431 Crew change 

354     Portimao  Athabasca        NL   25/04/07   Lagos       06/05/07 ?            PT   
433     Portimao  Athabasca        NL   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

500     Lagos     Audax            NL   ?          Alvor       ?        ?            NL   

442     Albufeira Azimute          PT   09/05/07               01/05/12              PT   

352     Portimao  Azzuro           FR   13/04/07   Cascais     05/05/07 Vilamoura    FR   
390     Vilamoura Azurro           FR   05/05/07   Portimao    06/05/07 Cadiz        FR\CH 334699   
434     Portimao  Azurro               01-07/5/07     

433     Portimao  Bahia                01-07/5/07              01-07/5/07     

434     Portimao  Barao                01-07/5/07     

394     Vilamoura Bear Necessities GB  04/05/07    Lagos       05/05/07 Lagos        GB    334687   

395     Vilamoura Ben-Hur          FI  04/05/07    El Terron   07/05/07 Sines        FI    334684   

372     Vilamoura Blue Eyes        GB  01/05/07    Lisboa                            GB    334637   

378     Vilamoura Bluewave         PT  18/07/06    -           05/05/07 Lagos        PT\NL\BE 331611   

433     Portimao  Carolina             01-07/5/07              01-07/5/07     

403     Vilamoura Carpe Diem       IE  02/05/07    Gibraltar   03/05/07 Bayona       IE\GB 334662   
410     Vilamoura Carpe Diem       IE  02/05/07    Gibraltar   03/05/07 Bayona       IE\GB 334662   

474     Lagos     Christine        SE   30/04/07 Leixoes       01/05/07 Gibraltar    NO   
505     Lagos     Christine        SE   30/04/07 Leixoes       01/05/07 ?            NO   

439     Albufeira Cidade Faro      PT   03/05/07               13/05/07     

434     Portimao  Constantia            01-07/5/07     

433     Portimao  Diana       Estonia   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

417     Vilamoura Discoverer       GB   02/05/07 Gibraltar     03/05/07 Castillo     GB    334661   
401     Vilamoura Discoverer       GB   02/05/07 Gibraltar     04/05/07 Castillo     GB    334661   

433     Portimao  Donna Vivace     NL   01-07/5/07       

440     Albufeira Doros            PT   05/05/07               31/12/30              PT   

407     Vilamoura Elka             NL   01/05/07 Portimao      02/05/07 Culatra      NL   334651   
433     Portimao  Elka             NL   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     
439/446 Albufeira Elka             DE   04/05/07 Olhao         05/05/07 Portimao     NL   

486     Lagos     Ellisa           GB   14/07/05 Sines         15/06/06 Cascais      GB     
457     Lagos     Ellisa           GB   14/07/05 Sines         05/05/07 Cascais      GB     

416     Vilamoura Emma J           GB   02/05/07 Albufeira     03/05/07 Ayamonte     GB    334654   
402     Vilamoura Emma J           GB   02/05/07 Albufeira     04/05/07 Ayamonte     GB    334654   

516     Lagos     Farras           PT   05/05/07 Portimao      06/05/07 ?            DE   
494     Lagos     Farras           PT   05/05/07 Portimao      06/05/07 Vilamoura    DE   

470     Lagos     Fun Too          SE   30/04/07 Portimao      30/04/07 Portimao     SE   
503     Lagos     Fun Too          SE   30/04/07 Portimao      02/05/07 ?            SE   
432     Portimao  Fun Too          SW   01/05/07 Alvor         03/05/07 Albufeira    SW   

348     Portimao  Funny Papa       ES   26/04/07 Lisboa        04/05/07 Estaleiro    PT   
434     Portimao  Funny Papa            01-07/5/07     

507     Lagos     Galileo          IE   01/05/07 Portimao      02/05/07 ?            IE   
434     Portimao  Galileo               01-07/5/07     

409     Vilamoura Gladeye          GB   16/04/07 Almerimar     03/05/07 Lagos        GB   334439 Horse Guards 
382     Vilamoura Gladeye          GB   16/04/07 Almerimar     03/05/07 Lagos        GB   334439 Horse Guards 
454     Lagos     Gladeye          GB   03/05/07 Vilamoura     04/05/07 Sopromar     GB     
483     Lagos     Gladeye          GB   03/05/07 Vilamoura     04/05/07 Sopromar     GB     
510     Lagos     Gladeye          GB   03/05/07 Vilamoura     04/05/07 ?            GB     

433     Portimao  Goldfinger       GB   01-07/5/07       

466     Lagos     Guditta          GB   19/04/07 Lagos         27/04/07 Portimao     GB     

379     Vilamoura Imagine          FR   28/04/07 Portimao      05/05/07 Portimao     FR   334606   

434     Portimao  Ingjerd               01-07/5/07     

349     Portimao  Iron             CH   28/04/07 Ayamonte      04/05/07 Lagos        CH   
434     Portimao  Iron                  01-07/5/07     
430     Lagos     Iron             CH   04/05/07 Portimao      05/05/07 Sopromar     CH   
485     Lagos     Iron             CH   04/05/07 Portimao      05/05/07 Sopromar     CH   
512     Lagos     Iron             CH   04/05/07 Portimao      05/05/07 ?            CH   

411     Vilamoura Ivette           PT   20/08/06 Cais A25      03/05/07 Portimao     PT   332813   
433     Portimao  Ivette           PT   01-07/5/07       

439/443 Albufeira Ivonne Rojas     GB   04/05/07 Portimao      05/05/07 Portimao     GB     

468     Lagos     Jasmone          GB   11/04/07 Sopromar      29/04/07 Albufeira    GB     

434     Portimao  Joana                 01-07/5/07     

433     Portimao  Just Chillin     GB   01-07/5/07       

353     Portimao  Kingfisher       IE   02/05/07 Portimao      06/05/07 Lagos        IE   
433     Portimao  Kingfisher       IE   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

476     Lagos     Ko Phi Phi       ES   28/04/07 Sevilla       01/05/07 Sevilla      ES   
498     Lagos     Ko Phi Phi       ES   28/04/07 Sevilla       02/05/07 ?            ES   

517     Lagos     Koala            GB   05/05/07 Sines         06/05/07 ?            GB     
493     Lagos     Koala            GB   05/05/07 Sines         06/05/07 Vilamoura    GB     
388     Vilamoura Koala            GB   06/05/07 Lagos         07/05/07 Portimao     GB   334702   
433     Portimao  Koala            GB   01-07/5/07       

405     Vilamoura Kyra Engelina    NL   01/05/06 Albufeira     02/05/07 Faro         NL   330196   
415     Vilamoura Kyra Engelina    NL   01/05/07 Faro          03/05/07 Albufeira    NL   334643   
439/445 Albufeira Kyra Engelina    NL   04/05/07 Vilamoura     06/05/07 Portimao     NL   
433     Portimao  Kyra Engelina    NL   01-07/5/07       

441     Albufeira Lady Bug         PT   07/05/07               31/12/07              PT   

440     Albufeira Leonardo         PT   05/05/07               31/12/08     

404     Vilamoura Lizzy            NL   01/05/07 Culatra       05/05/07 Albufeira    NL   334641   

371     Vilamoura Lua              FR   01/05/07 Lisboa                              PT   334638   

357     Portimao  Luamar           GB   26/04/07 Lisboa        07/05/07 Lisboa       PT\GB   
434     Portimao  Luamar                01-07/5/07     

459     Lagos     Luis             PT   15/03/07 Portimao      05/05/07 Lagos        PT   
488     Lagos     Luis             PT   15/03/07 Portimao      05/05/07 Lagos        PT   

433     Portimao  Mac              PT   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

440     Albufeira Majoand          PT   05/05/07               30/12/08              PT   

356     Portimao  Makima           PT   03/06/06 Estaleiro     07/05/07 Estaleiro    ES   
433     Portimao  Makima           PT   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

440     Albufeira Malecagem        PT   05/05/07               20/05/07              PT   

433     Portimao  Mares            PT   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

439/444 Albufeira Maximum          RU   04/05/07 Lagos         05/05/07 Culatra      GB     
391     Vilamoura Maximum          GB   05/05/07 Albufeira     06/05/07 Alvor        GB   334693   

383     Vilamoura Megan            GB   07/04/07 Bayona        02/05/07 LasPalmas    GB   334332   

495     Lagos     Minerva          GB   22/04/07 Cascais       06/05/07 Gibraltar    GB     

496     Lagos     Mistral          PT   27/04/07 Sopromar      27/04/07 ?            PT   

433     Portimao  Moonraker        GB   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

392     Vilamoura Morasol          ES   05/05/07 Gibraltar     11/05/07 Porto\Leixoes PT   334690   

400     Vilamoura My Way           NL   02/05/07 Albufeira     03/05/07 Faro          BE   334655   
413     Vilamoura My Way           NL   02/05/07 Albufeira     03/05/07 Faro          BE   334655   

433     Portimao  Nehalennia            01-07/5/07       

434     Portimao  Nortada               01-07/5/07     

369     Vilamoura Novurania        PT   ?        ?                                    PT   334664   

441     Albufeira Ocean Thunder    GB   09/05/07               31/12/30               GB     

434     Portimao  Oceanis               01-07/5/07     

346     Portimao  Oniris           PT   09/09/06 VRSA          09/05/07 Sines         PT   

434     Portimao  Overlander            01-07/5/07     

433     Portimao  Panic            NL   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     
455     Lagos     Panic            NO   03/05/07 Portimao      04/05/07 Albufeira     NO   
426     Lagos     Panic            NO   03/05/07 Portimao      04/05/07 Albufeira     NO 
482     Lagos     Panic            NO   03/05/07 Portimao      04/05/07 Albufeira     NO   
509     Lagos     Panic            NO   03/05/07 Portimao      04/05/07 ?             NO   
393     Vilamoura Panic            NL   04/05/07 Lagos         05/05/07 Albufeira     NL   334688   

478     Lagos     Papa-Leguas      PT   01/05/07 Lagos         01/05/07 Lagos         CA   

347     Portimao  Papillon         DE   17/09/06 Horta         06/05/07 Faro          DE   
434     Portimao  Papillon              01-07/5/07     

433     Portimao  Phantom          NL   01-07/5/07       

508     Lagos     Phynella         NL   03/05/07 Portimao      10/05/07 ?             NL   

384     Vilamoura Piranha          PT   22/04/07 Albufeira     01/05/07 Albufeira     PT   334528   

441     Albufeira Rebound          TW?  07/05/07               15/06/07     

439     Albufeira Riamar           PT   04/05/07               04/05/07               PT   

477     Lagos     Rio Gilao        PT   28/04/07 Sines         01/05/07 Albufeira     PT   
501     Lagos     Rio Gilao        PT   28/04/07 Sines         03/07/07               PT   

440     Albufeira Rivel Rose       GB   05/05/07               31/12/30               GB     

467     Lagos     Sam              FR   24/04/07 Sopromar      28/04/07 St Tropez     DE   

439/447 Albufeira Sam's Heaven     GB   04/05/07 Azores        05/05/07 Barcelona     IT\ES   

424     Portimao  San Elen         NO   02/05/07 Pasito Blancha 03/05/07 Norway       NO   
433     Portimao  San Elen         NO   01-07/5/07             01-07/5/07     

461     Lagos     Sarah            US   04/09/06 Barbate       06/05/07 Madeira       US   
490     Lagos     Sarah            US   04/09/06 Barbate       06/05/07 Madeira       US   

487     Lagos     Sarah Dee        GB   23/06/02 Bayona        15/06/07 Cascais       GB\PT   
458     Lagos     Sarah Dee        GB   05/05/07 Bayona        05/05/07 Cascais       GB\PT   

385     Vilamoura Sea Anemone      DE   30/04/07 Lisboa        01/05/07 PalmaMallorca DE\CH   334623   

442     Albufeira Sea Doo (J Ski)       09/05/07               25/05/07               GB     

370     Vilamoura Sea Vision       NL   02/05/07 Portimao                             GB   334660   

473     Lagos     Seebar           DE   15/06/06 Sopromar      30/04/07 ?             DE   
387     Vilamoura Seebar           DE   30/04/07 Lagos         01/05/07 Ayamonte      DE   334624   

375     Vilamoura Seita            PT   22/04/07 Albufeira     06/05/07 Albufeira     PT   334525   
440     Albufeira Seita            PT   06/05/07               20/05/07               PT   

433     Portimao  Seven One        FR   01-07/5/07       

439/448 Albufeira Shangri-la       PT   05/05/07 Vilamoura     06/05/07 Vilamoura     PT   

373     Vilamoura Silence          DE   01/05/07 Tavira                               DE   334639   

433     Portimao  Skiny Dip        GB   01-07/5/07       

398     Vilamoura Slopendriewer    DE   04/05/07 Ayamonte      10/05/07 Sines         DE   334673   

456     Lagos     Snark            GB   04/05/07 Cascais       05/05/07 Marbella      RU/UA   
484     Lagos     Snark            GB   04/05/07 Cascais       05/05/07 Marbella      RU/UA   
513     Lagos     Snark            GB   04/05/07 Cascais       05/05/07 ?             RU/UA   

518     Lagos     Sonata           FR   06/05/07 Lisboa        07/05/07 ?             BE   
433     Portimao  Sonata           FR   01-07/5/07       
358     Portimao  Sonata           FR   07/05/07 Lagos         08/05/07 Vilareal      BE   

475     Lagos     Spring Song      SE   30/04/07 Peniche       01/05/07 Gibraltar     SE   
504     Lagos     Spring Song      SE   30/04/07 Peniche       01/05/07 ?             SE   

506     Lagos     Stentor          NL   01/05/07 Portimao      02/05/07 ?             NL   
481     Lagos     Stentor          NL   01/05/07 Portimao      04/05/07 Sines         NL   
453     Lagos     Stentor          NL   01/05/07 Portimao      04/05/07 Sines         NL   
434     Portimao  Stentor               01-07/5/07     

406     Vilamoura Tacoron          PT   01/05/07 Albufeira     05/05/07 Culatra       PT   334650   
389     Vilamoura Tacoron          PT   06/05/07 Culatra       07/05/07 Lagos         PT   334701   

460     Lagos     Tai Ping         GB   04/05/07 Isla Cristina 05/05/07 Cascais       GB     
489     Lagos     Tai Ping         GB   04/05/07 Isla Cristina 05/05/07 Cascais       GB     
511     Lagos     Tai Ping         GB   04/05/07 Isla Cristina 05/05/07 ?             GB     

428     Lagos     Tiarri           GB   22/06/03 Bayona        21/06/04               GB     
434     Portimao  Tiarri                01-07/5/07     

441     Albufeira Tita             PT   08/05/07               20/05/07               PT   

441     Albufeira Titan            PT   08/05/07               20/05/07               PT   

440     Albufeira Tomate           PT   05/05/07               20/05/07               PT   

449     Albufeira Toujours         GB   27/04/07 Lagos         28/04/07 Culatra       GB     
440     Albufeira Toujours         PT   06/05/07               08/05/07               GB     

442     Albufeira Tropico          PT   09/05/07               31/12/08               PT   

433     Portimao  True Blue        NL   01-07/5/07       

515     Lagos     Turquesa         ES   05/05/07 Gibraltar     08/05/07 ?             ES   

433     Portimao  Valyscha              01-07/5/07       

433     Portimao  Varuna                01-07/5/07       

397     Vilamoura Vita Bella       DE   04/05/07 Gibraltar     06/05/07 Rendsburg     DE   334674   

479     Lagos     Wattayah         NL   15/03/07 Sopromar      03/05/07 Faro          NL   

499     Lagos     Wega             DE   28/04/07 Portimao      01/05/07 ?             DE   

472     Lagos     Wendy M          DE   08/11/06 Sines         30/04/07 Vilamoura     DE   
376     Vilamoura Wendy M          DE   30/04/07 Lagos         06/05/07 Barbate       DE   334634   

433     Portimao  White Lady       PT   01-07/5/07       

441     Albufeira White Shark      PT   09/05/07               16/05/07               PT   

380     Vilamoura White Whither    GB   30/03/07 SottoGrande   05/05/07  -            PT   334247   

433     Portimao  Yorkshireman     GB   01-07/5/07       

480     Lagos     Zany Lady        GB   24/03/07 ?             03/05/07 Portimao      GB     
433     Portimao  Zany Lady        PT   01-07/5/07       

As a general opinion on this subject, it is my impression that where we have no subsequent written paperwork relating to arrival and embarkations of certain boats, the PM (maritime police) followed up with port surveillance footage (CCTV), or by direct contact through radio/GPS or even ship-to-ship contact, or with visits by officers to port/marina authorities.
Rivers, coastal inlets and beaches were also visited and local residents and holiday makers in those places were questioned. One vessel was tracked through Lisbon up to Nazar?on the Portuguese coast so, in general terms, I don't think anything was overlooked.

Having said that, I do have a sneaking feeling (only a feeling at this point) that there is no certainty about continued close-order maritime vigilance beyond 8-9 May. Again, my impression is that the initial focus (correctly) was to ascertain and eliminate the ocean as having been the 'escape' route of an abductor but, once that was done, things reverted to 'business as usual' - mainly focused on substance/people smuggling, illegal landings by non-EU persons, etc.

So, thinking about various previous threads on subsequent disposition of a body - alive or otherwise - after 10 May, the maritime avenue cannot be excluded from that thinking.

While on the subject of general movements there are several pages missing from the files. In an e-mail of 10 May I found the following names of boats (with no other detail in the files): Pemandia; Jabasthe; MissFitz; Champagne; Go West; Friendship (twice); Float; Red Baron and Bons Amigos, and these in a second e-mail of that same date: Veronica J; Praia de Carvoeiro; Indigo; Teachers Pet; Tanna; Rigon and Bag An Avel. According to the e-mail subject, all the above were embarkations from Lagos.

With respect to certain specific boats, the three boats Stella and I mentioned in the DVD thread had BE crew members. Yes, I acknowledge a bit of 'give a dog a bad name' syndrome nere, but a well-founded, though unfortunate, reputation does exist.

'My Way' is flagged as NL and crewed by BE persons. The skipper (male; dob 6/52) is the owner; the crew is one female (dob 10/61).
Personally, I see nothing untoward with this boat or crew.

'Sonata' was (according to records) a late arrival to the party coming to Lagos on 6 May from Lisbon, then on to Portimao on 7 May from whence they departed to Vilareal (Spain, north of Valencia) on 8 May. On the face of it, therefore, they were heading in the wrong direction.
The boat, flagged as French, was crewed by four men with BE identities (albeit that one had a very Scandinavian name) with dob: 2/56; 10/57; 10/58 and 6/61.

While the 'Bluewave' record is very sparse, and possibly having no bearing on the Madeleine case, it will be nonetheless prime fodder for certain speculators.
After having remained moored in Vilamoura since 18 July 2006 it embarks on 5 May 2007 to Lagos, which port does not reflect its arrival prior to 10 May - the date on which port documents are sent to the inquiry team.
- The boat is owned by a PT man with an inland address several miles to the south of Porto, and who is not in the crew.
- The skipper is a PT man who gives his address solely with the generic 8600 post-code of Lagos.
- The crew comprises three groups:
(A) the skipper (dob: 7/59) with three children (none apparently having their own identity documents) with dob: 8/93 (female) and twins 11/95 (male and female);
(B) An NL man (dob: 5/52) with a son (also having no identity document) dob: 10/95; and
(C) a BE man with dob: 10/68.
To add to my previous impressions I will add into this thread my thoughts and comments on the other boats, in alphabetical order.

'4 Pack': an NL owner (not on board); skippered\crewed by two men and two women, all NL, all older than 45 years.
From Lagos records we are told twice that she arrived from Vilamoura on 27 April, once to disappear somewhere on 1 May, and the second time to return to Vilamoura on 2 May. We are also told by Lagos that she arrived from Vilamoura on 6 May only to disappear somewhere on 7 May.
Disappearances aside, one might wonder why there are no Vilamoura records for this boat.

'Adamaster': PT owner/skipper & 4 PT crew aged from 17 to 45 years.
Arising from a mooring in Vilamoura occupied since October 1999, this Madeiran vessel sails to Portimao on 6 May 2007. She is on the Portimao arrivals schedule (no further details), but one wonders why the sudden yearning for open water and a new mooring a few miles to the west.

'Aellopos': GB owner\skipper with wife or sister as sole crew, both over 35 years.
Possibly a short birthday trip for each, one from Portimao to Lagos and the other on the return trip, but why no record in Portimao? Perhaps they didn't berth overnight preferring to anchor offshore.

'Allegro': PT husband\wife or brother\sister skipper\crew both over 55 years.
A team who, after ten months harboured in Portimao, wanted to do a quick 'look, see' in Lagos, but waiting until 7 May before moving? Or were they simply on their way back to Lisbon?

'Amorita': No crew details;
Identified as arriving from nowhere in Albufeira on 7 May; Home base is Faro; registered address in Vilamoura; Owner 'Mini cruises of the Algarve, Ltd';
Side note 'M. Turistica' - Ministry of Tourism?

'Annecy': GB owner\skipper (35 years) with two GB crew, one male (18 years), one female (47 years), and one IT male (44 years).
Reflected as both entering and departing Portimao between 1 and 7 May, recorded as arriving in Albufeira from Lagos on 8 May and leaving there for Faro on 9 May.
Possibly a skipper and a young crewman playing host to the lady and Italian out on a coastal cruise together, but where was the Lagos record between Portimao and Albufeira? A romantic offshore anchorage, perhaps?

'Antidoto': A PT owner (Lisbon); Polish husband\wife skipper\crew (50\45 years), with a five-person Polish family (43,40,21,14 and 13 years).
Arrive in Lagos from Portimao on 29 April, on to Vilamoura on 30 April then on to Isla Cristina on 1 May to celebrate mothers birthday on 3 May, returning to Vilamoura on 4 May.
Then we have a slight clerical error with the boat arriving in Vilamoura on 4 May before departing on 3 May.
A second copy of the same embarkation sheet shows Vilamoura arrival and departure as both being on 4 May, from where it sailed onwards to Portimao where we have a second bizarre situation.
In Portimao records - on page 350 - the boat arrives on 4 May from Portimao and leaves on 5 May to go to Portimao.

'Araxa': Arriving in Portimao sometime between 1 and 7 May. Nothing else is recorded.

'Artemis': More speculation fodder.
We have two data sources for this boat, both from Vilamoura. The first is docket 334425 of which there are two copies on file. The second is docket 334431.

The first copy of docket 334425 shows the GB owner\skipper (57 years) with one GB crewman (74 years) and one DK crewman (57 years), while the second shows the owner skipper with a crew of three GB men (76, 58 and 48), the latter having the family name McCann (at least the third time that that name has arisen by coincidence - more common in this case than the name Smith). Both copies show the boat arriving from Marrocos on 14 April, and being berthed in slot P-33. Both copies show departure as 3 May heading for 'Muldoon', though I think that should read 'Maldon', that being the boat's port of registry, and the owner's hotel address in Essex, UK.
The second source reflects the four man GB crew along with the same departure date and destination, but it shows the boat as having arrived from P-33 and that it is now berthed in slot S-66.
Of course, the other interesting coincidence with this vessel is that 'Marrocos' might be Portuguese for 'Morocco'.

'Athabasca': An NL flagged vessel with a PT skipper (52 years) with another PT man (27 years) and a baby (22 months) - but I have to question that as the document validity date expired in 1975! Hence, I think the third man was actually born in 1975 and his ID document was valid until July 2005 - I wonder if that makes him an illegal?
Travel-wise the Portimao records show the boat arriving from Lagos on 25 April and the disappearing somewhere on 6 May. On the undetailed arrival/emabarkation listings in Portimao is shows the boat leaving on log number 40054 but then coming back in on log number 40061.

'Audax' I am ignoring due to lack of sensible information.

'Azimute' arrived in Albufeira on 9 May and is slated to leave only in 2012 even though its PT owner\skipper (and sole crew member) is noted as being a non-resident.

'Azurro': FR owner (not aboard); FR flagged; FR skipper (45 years).
Arrived from Cascais in Portimao on 13 April and left for Vilamoura on 5 May with six FR crew - three families (53&16; 49&16; 44&16). It arrived in Vilamoura that same day then left on 6 May for Cadiz with one FR passenger (same surname as the skipper; 75 years) and a CH passenger (53 years).
Did I hear someone call for a taxi?

'Bahia' and 'Barao' arrived and/or departed Portimao between 01 and 07/5/07.

'Bear Necessities': GB flagged; GB owner\skipper (46 years) with crew of two GB males (50;63) and two GB females (48;35).
Arrived in Vilamoura from Lagos on 4 May and returned on 5 May. One wonders where the Lagos records were?

'Ben-Hur': FI flag, owner, skipper and sole crew (56 years).
Sailed into Vilamoura from El Terron on 4 May and went on to Sines 7 May. Hello sailor.

'Blue Eyes': GB flag and owner\skipper (60 years) with three GB men (63,60,59).
Arrived Vilamoura from Lisbon on 1 May and seemingly decided to stay.

'Carolina': Another quickie in and out of Portimao between 01 and 07/5/07.

'Carpe Diem': IE flag and owner\skipper (42 years) with one IE man (63) and one GB man (72).
Into Vilamoura from Gibraltar on 2 May then on to Bayona on 3 May. A small coincidence for the curtain twitchers - the owner is registered in the same county as that named in the Irish family sighting, and the oldest crew member is named Smith.

'Christine': SE (Sweden) flag with a NO (Norway) owner\skipper (66) and two NO crew - names suggest female (60 & 42) both out on a birthday cruise.
Sailed into Lagos on 30 April and onward to Gibraltar on 1 May.

'Cidade de Faro': As the name suggests this is a boat belonging to the Faro municipality.
Arrived in Albufeira on 3 May and scheduled to leave 13 May.

'Constantia': Home port noted as 'British Registry'.
Departed Portimao berth C03 some time between 01 and 07 May on log number 39947. No other details known.

'Diana': Home port noted as Tallinn (Estonia).
Arrived in Portimao on log number 39963 and departed on log number 40034, both between 01 and 07 May.

'Discoverer': I think the other thread says more about this GB boat than I can.

'Donna Vivace: Home port noted as Hellevotsluis (NL).
Arrived in Portimao on log 39941 and didn't leave before 8 May.

'Doros': Home port recorded as Esposende, with a PT (or Spanish) lady in charge.
Arrived in Albufeira on 5 May and slated to leave only in 2030.

'Elka': NL flag and owner\skipper(33) with his family, three ladies (31,6 and 2) and one NL male (4).
Portimao shows an arrival and a departure between 01 and 07 May; Vilamoura shows an arrival from Portimao on 1 May with a departure to Culatra on 2 May. Albufeira has an arrival from Olhao on 4 May and a departure to Portimao on 5 May.
Altogether, it looks like a simple round-trip ticket but the Albufeira record shows only two people on board, so the obvious question that arises is: what happened to the children between 2 and 4 May?
Was it a mere clerical error, or do people still make sacrifice to the sea god?

'Ellisa': GB flag and owner\skipper (47) travelling with a lady (35).
Lagos - we have a problem! The two Lagos records for this boat both show an arrival from Sines of 14 July 2005, but one shows a departure to Cascais on 5 May, while other shows that same departure as being scheduled for 15 June.
Pity we have no records for Cascais.

'Emma J': GB flag and owner\skipper (61) and a GB lady (49).
Both copies of the Vilamoura record show an arrival from Albufeira on 2 May with one saying the onward trip to Ayamonte started on 3 May, while the other says it started on 4 May.

'Farras: PT flag and owner (not aboard); skippered by a DE man (39) with three male DE crew (48,46,35).
Arriving in Lagos from Portimao on 5 May, it leaves for Vilamoura on 6 May.
Neither Portimao nor Vilamoura have anything to say about this boat.

'Fun Too': SE flag and owner\skipper (70) with wife (69), the cops had some fun, too, with these latter-day Vikings.
Before we get the the trip there were some clerical issues between the documents held by Lagos and Portimao.
- In Lagos the wife's year of birth was 1938; in Portimao it was 1936;
- In Lagos the expiry date of the identity documents was May 2011; in Portimao it was May 2006, i.e. already expired!;
- In Lagos the country code of the flag and persons' nationality was SE (Sweden); in Portimao it was SW (Sweden under the US FIPS standard, not the EU ISO standard);
- The owner's address was totally different, albeit both being in Germany (that must make the World Cup interesting);
- The year the boat was constructed differed by 18 years;
- and a few other minor details ...

As for the trip:
One Lagos record showed the boat arriving from Portimao on 30 April and returning the same day.
The other record showed its arrival on 30 April and then disappearing into the unknown on 2 May.
The Portimao record showed it arriving from Alvor on 1 May and sailing on to Albufeira on 3 May, but there is also a hand-written note under departure '04/05/07 - 07:44'
After that ... nothing ... she seemingly sailed off the map ...
But never fear, according to a memo of 9 May the Men In Black were on the trail ... though we don't know when or to where that longboat was ever traced ... possibly Antares, or wherever it was the cocoons went.

'Funny Papa': An ES flag with a PT skipper and sole crew member (50).
Sailed into Portimao on 26 April and then on to Estaleiro on 4 May. Nothing more is known.

'Galileo': IE flag and owner (not aboard); No skipper? but three Irish males as crew (68,56,54).
Portimao shows the boat leaving between 01 and 07 May, with Lagos showing her arrival on 1 May and a departure into the unknown on 2 May.

'Gladeye': GB flag; Owner: A Lt.Col. in Household cavalry; GB skipper (25) with three other GB men (41,35 and 22).
Vilamoura tells us that she arrived from Almerimar (Spain) on 16 April and left for Lagos on 3 May. Lagos records her arrival on that date and bids farewell on 4 May as she sails for Sopromar (the Naval yard in Lagos).
The most that appeared to happen with this lat was the youngster surrendered his captaincy to the old sea dog in Lagos. Gee - how boring can they be? In my day the Army used to promise one excitement.

'Goldfinger': Arrived in Portimao sometime between 01 and 07 May. No other data.

'Guditta': GB flag and owner\skipper (59) with GB wife or sister (57).
Arrived in Lagos from Lagos?? on 19 April and moved on to Portimao on 27 April, but no record of this boat in Portimao between 01 and 07 May. She either bounced in and bounced out or came in and stayed for the duration.

'Imagine': FR flag and owner\skipper (53) with wife (51).
Sailed into Vilamoura from Portimao on 28 April and returned to Portimao on 5 May - falling outside the Portimao record dates.

'Ingjerd': Left Portimao somtime between 01 and 07/5/07. No other data.

'Iron': CH (Swiss) flag and owner\skipper (42) with CH family (45 and 4).
Arrived in Portimao on 28 April from Ayamonte, then on to Lagos on 4 May arriving the same day. Next day they moved to the Sopromar yard.

'Ivette': PT flag; Company owned boat; PT skipper and sole crew (30).
Swapped berths in Vilamoura from A25 to H22 on 20 August 2006 then went for a spin to Portimao on 3 May arriving there sometime before 8 May.

'Ivonne Rojas': GB flag and owner\skipper (40) with three GB ladies (36,36 and 35).
They sailed into Albufeira from Portimao on 4 May and back again on 5 May. Portimao, however, didn't have them recorded either before or after.
Mind you, with three women aboard I'm not sure that I would be in any hurry to make landfall.

'Jasmone': GB flag and owner\skipper (60) with wife (59).
The Lagos record says she sailed into Lagos from Sopromar on 11 April and went on to Albufeira on 29 April, but we have no record of her in Albufeira or anywhere else after that date.

'Joana': Sailed out from Portimao sometime between 01 and 07 May. No other data.

'Just Chillin': Sailed into Portimao sometime between 01 and 07 May. No other data.

'Kingfisher': IE flag; no owner identification; IE Skipper (57) and lady (50).
The Portimao record states that she arrived from Portimao? on 2 May and moved on to Lagos on 6 May.

While the movement data appears straightforward, there appears to be little about this boat that is Irish.
- its port of registry is Sint Annaland, which is in Zeeland, south-west Holland;
- the insurance company is Dutch (Unigarant)
- the sailors both have wholly Dutch names (Schelle and Witkamp);

'Ko Phi Phi': ES flag and owner\skipper\sole crew member (33)
Two Lagos records show arrival from Seville on 28 April; one shows return on 1 May; the other shows departure on 2 May to an unknown destination.

'Koala': GB flag and owner (60 - aboard); GB skipper (49) and crewman (48) - all male.
Arriving at Lagos from Sines on 5 May she sailed on to Vilamoura on 6 May, arriving there the same day. Owner became skipper for the next trip to Portimao which started on 7 May, and Portimao shows arrival within its report period.

'Kyra Engelina': NL flag and owner\skipper (63) with wife (56).
The first Vilamoura record shows the boat arriving from Albufeira on 1 May 2006, staying for a year in berth O-34, then moving on to Faro on 2 May 2007.
The second Vilamoura record shows her arriving from Faro on 1 May 2007, being berthed in G-21, then going on to Albufeira on 3 May.
Apart from the sailing dates and berths all the other information is the same, including skipper and crew details.

Albufeira picks them up on 4 May as coming from Vilamoura, but somewhere along the way the wife acquires a new name and her dob changes to 1 January 2001 - can captains perform divorces as well as marriages? - and two more NL ladies come aboard, both 22 years. Man, that guy is good!
With his rejuvenated crew they all leave for Portimao on 6 May and arrive there in that ports report period.

'Lady Bug': PT flag; Home base is Lisbon; Owner\sole crew mwmber is a PT male, noted as non-resident.
Arrived Albufeira on 7 May and slated to move only by 31 December 2007. Arrived from where?

'Leonardo': PT flag; Home base is Albufeira; Owner is local PT male.
Arrived in Albufeira on 5 May and slated to move only by 31 December 2008. Arrived from where?

'Lizzy': NL flag and co-owners\sole crew, male (58) and female (57).
Arrived in Vilamoura from Culatra on 1 May and left for Albufeira on 5 May. No Albufeira record.

'Lua': FR flag with PT male owner\skipper (41) with one PT male crewman (67).
Arrived in Vilamoura from Lisbon on 1 May and appeared to stay put.

'Luamar': GB flag; owner not recorded; PT male skipper (46) with crew of PT male (45), PT female (21) and GB male (24).
Arrived in Portimao from Lisbon on 26 April and returned on 7 May.
One coincidence: The GB male passport was issued by 'FCO' (same as GM). I wonder what that code 'FCO' signifies?

'Luis': PT flag and owner\skipper\sole crew, male (36).
Lagos records show arrival from Portimao on 15 March then departure to Lagos-V.T. on 5 May.

'Mac': Home port Quarteira (PT);
Sailed from Portimao on log 40044 between 01 amd 07 May, and returned on log 40076, the last arrival on the list so it would likely be on 7 May.
No other record.

'Mjoand': Home base Portimao; PT flag and owner\skipper\sole crew, male (no dob).
Arrived Albufeira on 5 May and slated to stay until 30 December 2008. No other data.

'Makima': PT flag; owner not named; Home port Cascais; ES skipper (58) with ES lady (55) and two ES family males (17 and 9).
One Portimao record shows arrival on 3 June 2006 from, and return on 7 May 2007 to, 'Estaleiro'. That word means 'shipyard' or 'boatyard', often where boats are bought and sold, but also repaired, refurbished, etc.
Second record shows an arrival on log 40065 and departure on 40084, both commensurate with berth movements around 7 May.

'Malecagem': PT flag and owner\skipper\sole crew, male (no dob), side note 'pleasure', presumably a cruise ship.
Albufeira record shows arrival on 5 May and slated to move again on 20 May.

'Mares': Home port Cascais;
Portimao movements show an arrival on log 39965 into berth R-07 and departure on log 40047 from H-19, both during the period 01 to 07 May. How it got from one berth to the other ... ?

'Maximum': The flag is either RU or GB depending on whether you use Albufeira or Vilamoura documents. With a port of registry in Fleetwood, Lancashire, a GB owner\skipper (60) and GB crewman (70) being identical on both records, I think Vilamoura has it by a nose for GB. Albufeira also holds a UK owner address whereas Vilamoura suggests he may be an expatriate with an address in the western Algarve. Both are possibly correct.
Albufeira tells us that the boat arrived from Lagos on 4 May - though there is no corresponding record in Lagos - and went on to Culatra on 5 May.
Vilamoura tells us that she arrived there from Albufeira on 5 May and moved on to Alvor on 6 May.

'Megan': GB flag and male co-owner\skipper (52) with GB crewman (42).
The Vilamoura record shows her arrival from Bayone on 7 April and departure to Las Palmas on 2 May.

'Minerva': GB flag and male owner\skipper (47) with GB crewman (18).
The Lagos record says she arrived from Cascais on 22 April and sailed on to Gibraltar on 6 May.

'Mistral': PT flag and male owner\sole crew (44)
The Lagos record says she bounced in from Sopromar and straight out again into the unknown, all on 27 April.

'Moonraker': Portimao, showing her home port as London, says she left berth S-10 and arrived at berth D-13 sometime between 01 and 07 May. The police report, however, notes that she left for Vilamoura - something they were yet to confirm.

'Morasol': ES flag with male PT owner\skipper (50) and three PT crewmen (50,48 and 39).
Vilamoura says she landed from Gibralyar on 5 May and left for Porto\Leixoes on 11 May.

'Nehalennia': Portimao records an arrival between 01 amd 07 May. No other data.

'Nortada': Portimao records a departure between 01 and 07 May. No other data.

'Nouvrania': PT flag and owner; Male PT skipper\sole crew (dob obscured).
Arrival details obscured but seemingly still in the Vilamoura estaleiro during the inquiry period.

'Ocean Thunder': GB flag and male co-owner\sole crew (no dob).
The Albufeira port record shows no home base but that she arrived there on 9 May and is slated to move only on 31 December 2030.

'Oceanis': Portimao, her home port, shows only that she left berth S-09 roughly midway between 01 and 07 May. No other data.

'Oniris': PT flag; owner not recorded; home port of Portimao; sole PT skipper\crewman (61).
Portimao says she arrived from Vila Real de St. Antonio on 9 September 2006 and sailed to Sines on 9 May 2007.

'Overlander': Portimao shows a home port of 'Gent', which I take to be 'Ghent', and that she left berth I-31 early in the period between 01 and 07 May. No other data.

'Panic': Portimao and Vilamoura have this vessel flagged as NL, Lagos has her as NO. Lagos, I believe, is wrong based on home port (Hellevoetsluis), insurer (Kuiper), family name of owner and crew (Aartsen), and their Utrecht address in the Netherlands.

Portimao has her berthing at C-14 early in the report period of 01 to 07 May, from where she sailed later in the week.
Lagos picks her up as arriving from Portimao on 3 May and sailing on to Albufeira on 4 May. As no Albufeira record is on file she appears to gone past that port and on to Vilamoura where she arrived on 4 May before leaving on 5 May to go back to Albufeira.
The Lagos records show only the owner\skipper (46) and wife (43), and they appeared to have picked up family in Vilamoura as the crew grew by two sons (15,13) and a daughter (9).

'Papa-Leguas': PT flag; home port Ericeira; male CA expatriate owner\sole crew (50).
The single Lagos record shows an arrival from Lago V.T. on 1 May 2005 returning exactly two years later on 1 May 2007.
Given that the berth is noted as 'Pass G/H' I have taken the liberty to think that the record is merely a berth change within the harbour on 1 May 2007 - but I may be wrong.

'Papillon': DE flag and skipper (65) with wife (63) and son (38). Owner not recorded.
Portimao records show arrival from Horta on 17 September 2006, leaving for Faro on 6 May 2007.

'Phantom': Home base recorded as 'Holanda', Portimao reflects her arrival in berth N-35 on log 39969 fairly early in the period between 01 and 07 May.

'Phynella': NL flag and owner\skipper (45) with family (45,17,13) and passenger (13).
Arriving in Lagos from Portimao on 3 May, she left for an unknown destination on 10 May.
No Portimao records have her name on them so she may have sailed from there prior to 1 May.

'Piranha': PT flag and owner (not aboard); female skipper\sole crew (31).
Arriving in Vilamoura from Albufeira on 22 April, she started her return trip on 1 May, but didn't arrive before that port's records were obtained.

'Rebound': The Albufeira record for this boat is a total mess, and it is the only one we have.
No flagging is recorded; the home port is recorded as 'Taiwan'?; the owner's name (Morrissy) and 'locale' (Galway) are distictly Irish although the country for that locale is given as 'Portugal'. With all these options to choose from it is small wonder that the side note indicates 'non-resident'.
The record shows an arrival on 7 May and she was slated for next sailing only on 15 June.

'Riamar': In stark contrast this Albufeira record at least makes some sense.
PT flag and owner\sole crew (no dob) with a PT address; Portimao home base.
Arrived on 4 May and slated for next sailing on 4 May 2008 - a typo or a three-year refit?

'Rio Gilao': PT flag with home port 'Quarteira'. Dutch expatriate owner\sole crew (42) with address in Cascais.
Both Lagos records reflect an arrival from Sines on 28 April, but one shows a departure to Albufeira on 1 May while the other shows a slated future departure on 3 July.
Albufeira had no record.

'Rivel Rose': GB flag and expatriate owner\sole crew (no dob); home port Portsmouth; owner address in Algarve but country recorded as UK. Side note of 'non-resident'.
The Albufeira, and only, record shows arrival on 5 May with next movement slated as 31 December 2030.

'Sam': FR flag with DE owner\sole crew (51).
The Lagos record shows arrival from Sopromar on 24 April presumably for provisions prior to setting sail on 28 April to her home port of St Tropez.

'Sam's Heaven': GB flag with IT owner\sipper (44) and crewman (44), with ES crewman (28).
The Albufeira records show arrival from Azores on 4 May, leaving for Barcelona on 5 May.

'San Elen': NO(Norway) flag, owner\skipper (64) and four crewmen (64,63,58 and 51).
Portimao records show her arrival on 2 May from Pasito Blancha before leaving for her home country on 3 May.
The police noted her leaving but, presumably, she was well out to sea before tea time as there is no mention of follow-up or ship-to-ship inspection.

'Sarah': US flag, owner\skipper (64) and crewman (58).
Both Lagos records show her arrival from Barbate on 4 September 2006 and departure to Madeira on 6 May.

'Sarah Dee': Both Lagos records show GB flag and co-owners (neither aboard), as well as a GB skipper (47) with family sons (20, 17) and a PT crewman (43).
One record shows an arrival from Bayona on 23 June 2002 with a slated future movement to Cascais on 15 June 2007.
The other shows the same itinerary but both arrival and departure having occurred on 5 May 2007.
There are no other records to determine which record, if either, reflects the correct movement.

'Sea Anemone': DE flag, owner\skipper (35) and seven crewmen (53,48,47,47,44,36,29) with one CH crewman (25).
The Vilamoura records shows an arrival from Lisbon on 30 April, leaving the next day for Palma, Mallorca.

'Sea Doo': A jet ski that arrived in Albufeira on 9 May and slated to leave on 25 May.

'Sea Vision': NL flag; PT company owner; GB skipper (49), one GB crewman (41) and four GB ladies (42,40,39,36).
The Vilamoura record shows her arrival from Portimao on 2 May, and no leaving date. Presumably, she left Portimao prior to 1 May.

'Seebar': While the DE flag, home port and family members are consistent in the two embarkation sheets from Lagos and Vilamoura, there are differences.
In Vilamoura, the owner\skipper is (54) and the family crewman is (66). These are reversed in the Lagos record and, consequently, although both in Germany, the owner and skipper addresses also differ.
The Lagos record shows the boat's arrival as 15 June 2006 from Sopromar, leaving on 30 April to an unknown destination.
Vilamoura tells us that she arrived there from Lagos on 30 April and she left for Ayamonte the next day.

'Seita': PT flag and sole crewman (48); company owned and registered in Lagos.
She arrived in Vilamoura on 22 April from Albufeira and returned on 6 May. Albufeira records her arrival on 6 May and slates her next movement for 20 May.

'Seven One': Portimao shows her home port as Saint Nazare (France) and her arrival at berth R-02 early in the period of 01 to 07 May. No other data.

'Shangri-la': PT flag and owner\sole crewman (dob and documentation dates both 1-01-01).
Albufeira reports that she arrived from Vilamoura on 5 May and returned on 6 May. No records from Vilamoura on file for her.

'Silence': DE flag and owner\skipper (48) and wife (44).
Arrived in Vilamoura from Tavira on 1 May, and stayed there.

'Skin[n]y Dip': Home port of London, arrived in Portimao during the period 01-07 May. No other data.
The recorded name may have been missing an 'N'.

'Slopendriewer': DE flag and owner\skipper (64) with wife (62).
Arrived in Vilamoura from Ayamonte on 4 May, leaving for Sines on 10 May.

'Snark': GB flag; no port of registry or registration number; constructed 2007;
RU owner\skipper (44) with RU (30) and UA (Ukraine) (70) crewmen.
Arrived in Lagos from Cascais on 4 May and sailed on to Marbella on 5 May.

'Spring Song': SE flag and owner (not aboard); SE skipper (49) and crewman (64).
Arrived in Lagos from Peniche on 30 April then sailed for Gibraltar in 1 May.

'Stentor': NL flag and owner\skipper (53) with NL crewman (52).
Portimao shows her leaving berth H-12 early in the 01 to 07 May report period, arriving in Lagos on 1 May before sailing on to Sines on 4 May.

'Tacoron': PT flag and owner\skipper (44) and three PT ladies (44,41,39).
The first Vilamoura records shows the boat arriving from Albufeira on 1 May (no Albufeira record), then sailing to Culatra on 5 May.
The second record shows her arriving from Culatra on 6 May and moving on to Lagos on 7 May.

'Tai Ping': GB flag and owner (not aboard); GB skipper (29) with two crewmen (40,27).
The three Lagos records reflect the boats arrival from Isla Cristina on 4 May, and two reflect her sailing to Cascais on 5 May.

'Tiarri': GB flag and owner\skipper (73) with two GB crewmen (71,69).
The Lagos record shows her arrival on 22 June 2003 and departure on 21 June 2004 to an unknown destination.
Almost three years later, the Portimao movement report reflects her sailing out from berth C-19 somtime between 01 and 07 May.
The police report on 9 May states that Tiarri, together with Iron, sailed on 3 May to Lagos where their arrival was subsequently confirmed.

'Tita' and 'Titan': Albufeira port records show both these PT flagged and owned boats arrived on 8 May and were slated to move next on 20 May.

'Tomate': Albufeira records show this PT flagged and owned boat arrived on 5 May and was slated to sail next on 20 May.

'Toujours': GB flag and owner\skipper (64) with his wife (63) and two other crew (67,60).
Arrived in Albufeira from Lagos on 27 April and sailed to Culatra on 28 April.
Arrived again in Albufeira on 6 May and sailed on 8 May.

'Tropico': PT flag and owner\skipper (no dob).
Arrived in Albufeira on 9 May and was slated to move only on 30 December 2008.

'True Blue': A Portimao movement entry shows this boat, home port Amsterdam, arriving at berth G-69 early in the 01-07 May report period.

'Turquesa': ES flag; company owned; ES skipper (41) and four crewmen (43,35,34,34).
The Lagos records shows the boat arrived from Gibraltar on 5 May, then sailed on 8 May to an unknown destination.

'Valyscha' and 'Varuna': Both boats were reflected as arriving in Portimao between 01 and 07 May.

'Vita Bella': DE flag, co-owner\skipper (66), three crewmen (63,59,50) and two ladies (62,40).
Vilamoura tells us that she arrived there on 4 May from Gibraltar, possibly for provisions ahead of continuing on her way home to Rendsburg on 6 May.

'Wattayah': NL flag, owner\skipper (56) and lady (59).
Lagos shows here arriving on 15 March from Sopromar and leaving for Faro on 3 May.

'Wega': DE flag, owner\skipper (69) and wife (63).
Arriving in Lagos from Portimao on 29 April she sailed to an unknown destination on 1 May.

'Wendy M': DE flag and co-owners - skipper (64) and wife (43).
Lagos tells us she arrived there on 8 November 2006, slept over, and sailed to Vilamoura on 30 April 2007.
She arrived in Vilamoura that same day, took a nap, then sailed to Barbate on 6 May.

'White Lady': Portimao movements show this boat arriving at her home port at the end of the 01 to 07 May report period.

'White Shark': PT flag and owner\sole crew (no dob), home port Portimao.
The Albufeira record shows her arrival on 9 May with her next movement slated as 16 May.
The side note 'seco' means 'dry, aground' so perhaps this shark was out of the water for a while.

'White Whither': GB flag and company owned; PT skipper\sole crew (no dob).
Having arrived in Vilamoura from Sotto Grande on 30 March, and having a construction year of 2007, it would seem that the boat is harboured in the Estaleiro - possibly up for sale.

'Yorkshireman': Home port London, this boat arrived at Portimao between 01 and 07 May. No other data.

'Zany Lady': GB flag out of Dartmouth; PT company owned; 1983 construction. Skipper is GB (56)
Lagos tells us that she 'arrived' on 24 March, then went to Portimao on 3 May.
I say 'arrived' because the previous location on 24 March is recorded as 'Nao chegou a sair' which literally means 'Didn't arrive to leave'
The Portimao arrival entry has her home port listed as Lagos, and the letters 'EST' prefix her name, which makes me think that she may be a boat up for sale in the Estaleiro in Portimao.

On the above note about an 'EST' prefix, the following boats in the Portimao arrival movement schedules also have that prefix:
Seven One, Mares, Bahia, Carolina, Phantom, Ivette, Makima, Nehalennia.
On the outbound movement schedule these have the prefix: Moonraker, Oceanis, Mac, Barao.

First Page-Apenso III documents/reports combined regarding inspections, canine and and maritime searches conducted during discourse of investigation
1 Cover page re collection of report of searches conducted in Praia da Luz

2 to 19 Minister of National Defense (GNR, Lagos and Portimao Maritime Brigade) report on searches
17 Maritime police
Outros Apensos vol I apenso III: Pages 1 to 19

A few other notes from documents in the main process file, some of which are not in the appendix.

Outros Apensos vol I apenso III: Pages 1-7,9,15
- One report filed in December 2007 states that in early-mid July the coastal shore between Sagres and Portimao was searched at high- and low-tide, some places more than once. People - residents and holiday makers - were questioned.
- on 7 July they found the 'black sack' on the cliff at Ponte de Piedade. After subsequent analysis it was concluded to have been left by someone fishing from that cliff.
- on 9 July the story of the restaurant worker at Praia de Zavial came to light. He claimed to have seen the McCann family at that beach in April.
Unfortunately, the writer of the above report used the wrong month because those events happened in May, not in July, as evidenced by the detailed reports pertaining to each of the activities and events.

Outros Apensos vol I apenso III: Page 8
On 7 May a report states that persons on the following vessels were questioned in Lagos marina: Pescamar, Shearwater, Jenny, Vizcaya and Ruby Tuesday.

Outros Apensos vol I apenso III: Page 10
On 8 May a report states that the entire harbour area of Lagos was searched between 07:00 and 18:30, and at least one harbour official was interviewed.

Outros Apensos vol I apenso III: Page 11
On 9 May, in addition to the above restaurant worker, nine other persons were interviewed at the Zavial and Inrina beaches.

Outros Apensos vol I apenso III: Pages 12-14
Also on 9 May, another report tells us that
- on 7 May a police visit was needed at Lagos marina because they did not have a CCTV system;
- on 9 May, around 10:00am Lagos marina records were searched, unsuccessfully, for a boat El Marillo;
- on the same day the boat Stentor had been confirmed as arriving in Sines at 24:00 on 5 May, in Lisbon on 6 May, in Cascais the following day from where she left to go to Nazare (Portugal) at 09:30 on 9 May;
It was noted that her crew had increased from two (when she left Lagos) to five (when she left Sines). Three additional NL passport holders had joined, two appearing to be family (53 and 16 years) and one male (17).

Outros Apensos vol I apenso III: Page 16
An individual officer's statement on 9 May states in general terms that he questioned several people in and around Lagos harbour.

Outros Apensos vol I apenso III: Pages 17-19
In a summary report, also dated 9 May, it was noted that
- on 8 and 9 May all boats moored in Portimao were inspected, 31 boats were boarded and crews interviewed;

- on 8 May the marina at Boca do Rio, Lagoa was visited;
- on 9 May all CCTV images on 3 and 4 May in Portimao were examined;
- notes were made about San Elen, Panic, Tiarri, Iron, Moonraker and Fun Too.

293 Fax
294 to 300 Letter from Defence Ministry re information of ships in harbour
08-02-Outros Apensos vol II apenso VIII pages 293 to 344

To finalise: the appendix contains a few reports we have not discussed.

Outros Apensos vol II apenso VIII: Pages 293-300

- There is a report dated 6 June 2007 that discloses detailed information about two Belgian individuals, with mention of the intermittent appearance of another, and their various vessels from the early 1990's through to August 2006. Clearly a couple of undesirables but as their vessels appear to have been 'retirada da aqua' (retired from the water) by 2006 there was no obvious connection between them and the disappearance in May 2007.

301 to 321 Morocco Ocean Diary and details of travel to from Morocco-Portugal
Outros Apensos vol II apenso VIII: Pages 301-320
- Many pages are taken up with the contents of a website that appears to be partly a blog and partly a travel advisory.
It is still there:
This is the Portuguese version that is included in the appendix: ... -marrocos/
This is the English version from that site - obviously the comments are different.
http://moroccotraveldiaries.wordpress.c ... r-tangier/
322 to 330 Service information re Lagos port and Shearwater boat/owners
08 02 Outros Apensos vol II apenso VIII: Pages 322-342
- A very detailed report was compiled about the vessel Shearwater after the police received a 'tip' that Madeleine had been seen in a VISION. The letter begins:
"I spoke to KM on Tuesday 8 May 07. She told me that a friend of her aunt and uncle from Leicester had a friend that had a strong vision ...", etc.
The owner and crewman of the boat were found and, in their presence and with their assistance, the entire boat was inspected and photographed from stem to stern.
The Shearwater and crew had an eight year history in Lagos. The report concludes that no anomalous situation, nor anything of interest was found.

Outros Apensos VIII Vol II a

Pages 322 – 330



Policia Judiciaria


Date: 2007-05-18




Service Information




To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation in Portimao, Dr G. Amaral


From: Inspector José Luís




Subject: Inquiries Made



I inform you that in accordance with superior orders, an investigation team consisting of myself and Inspectors Santos Martins and Marques Bom went to Lagos Marina today at about 11.00 with the aim of collecting elements relating to the occupants of a vessel that was moored there at the mooring post B40, registered under the name of “Shearwater”.


Due to the absence of Engineer Martinho Fortunado, Director of Lagos Marina, contact was made with Sra Ingrid who clarified the following in her capacity as Administrator of the complex:


The “Shearwater” vessel is registered under the number 30E11386, has a Canadian flag and has been “tightly” moored at the marina since 19-10-2006 when it entered the marina in provenance from Portimao marina where it had undergone some repairs.


The vessel’s owner is B. Cook, born in Ontario, Canada, (Canadian address and 2 telephone numbers supplied).


B. Cook is a frequent client of Lagos Marina. He has used the marina for the past 8 years and remains here for long periods, he lives on the vessel, being a solitary, easy going person.


Whenever he needs to leave the marina he uses a bicycle for transport, which is usually situated on top of the vessel, perfectly visible from the outside.


When the vessel arrived from Portimao, it was manned by R. Barker, identified by document ****, a British citizen and friend of B. Cook and who is currently in Turkey.


The “Shearwater” hardly ever sails, in spite of appearing to have all the necessary conditions for regular use.


Although it is an 8.10 metre long vessel, it has a central mast the dimensions of which require the mobile bridge to be raised. When the employees of the marina were asked about boat movements requiring the raising of the mobile bridge (manual registers) it was established that the bridge had not been raised during the months of April or May of 2007.


Whilst the team of investigators was present at Lagos Marina, Mr Cook who was next to his vessel, was pointed out to them to them. He was immediately approached, the investigators using a cover story, as if they were just carrying out a routine check.


Under these terms a brief conversation was held with B. Cook who presented his identification and placed the vessel at the officers’ disposal for any check they cared to make.

There was nothing strange about the situation nor anything that aroused any interest.


A photographic register was made of the vessel (interior and exterior) as well as of B. Cook himself and is attached to this report.






Inspector Luis





Photographic report and ownership documents:

419 to 420 - Villamoura marina information list of embarkations
Outros Apensos VIII, Vol II  Pages 419 to 420

National Marine Defence Ministry


National Maritime Authority


Portimao Local Maritime Police Command



11 May 2007



Subject: Disappearance of Girl, Inquiry Dispatch


Ref: Fax 515/PM of 9 May 2007




To: The Criminal Investigation Department of the Portimao PJ



Within the scope of the investigations related to the case mentioned above we are sending the results of a set of inquiries made by this Command post of the Portimao, Boca do Rio na Mexilhoeira da Carregacao-Lagoa and Albufeira marinas.


We are also sending a list of the cases of crimes registered at this Command post during the last two months.


With regard to the vessels “Moonraker” and “Fun Too” mentioned in your fax, which were the object of confirmation as regards their declared destinations upon leaving Portimao marina, it was established that the former was in the previously mentioned marina and inquiries are still being made in order to establish the location of “Fun Too”, in the knowledge that the vessel did not enter the Albufeira or Lagos marinas after leaving Portimao on 4th May 2007.



With compliments 


Commander Marques Pereira 


Page 420








NUIPC 370/07.0 PAPTM

Location – Theft in restaurant – Praia do Vau

Date: 01-03-2007

Result of theft: 150 Euros in cash.



Place – Theft in restaurant – Praia da Alvor

Date: 03/-03-2007

Result of theft: 150 Euros in cash



Place: Theft of a suitcase in Praia da Alvor

Nationality of victim – Swiss citizen

Date: 04-03-2007



Location: Theft in restaurant – Praia da Rocha

Date: 09-03-2007

Result of theft: material damage and theft of foodstuffs


NUIPC 469/07.2 PAPTM

Location: Theft of rucksack on the Alemao-Portimao beach

Date: 15-03-2007

Result of theft: theft of documents and mobile phone




NUIPC 178/07.2 GOPTM

Location: Theft on vessel – Ria de Alvor

Date: 30-04-2007

Result of theft: theft of GPS and radar






Location: Theft on beach – Praia do Vau

Date: 08-05-2007

Result of theft: theft of clothing, glasses, etc.










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