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G N R 08 NOV 07

3988 to 3990-Witness statement of Antonio Henrique da Conceicao Duarte 2007.11.08

13-Processos Vol XII1 Pages 3988 - 3990


3988 to 3990-Witness statement of Antonio Henrique da Conceicao Duarte 2007.11.08
Witness Statement

Date: 08/11/2007

Antonio Henrique de Conceicao Duarte

Comes to the process as a witness GNR officer.

He has worked at the Lagos GNR station for 7 years.
That he confirms the integrity of the previous statement he made to the PJ and has nothing to add to it.

Upon questioning, he states that he arrived at the site of the disappearance of the young girl on 3rd May of this year, about 25 to 30 minutes after the patrol.

Upon arriving at the site he was told that this was a case of abduction, this information being transmitted, he thinks, by the girl's father. He was also informed by Silvia (head of maintenance at the resort) that the parents and friends said it was an abduction, their intention being to inform the media, and that they were in fact making phone calls to this effect.

As regards the witness who alleged to have seen an individual carrying a child, whose (the witness) name he cannot remember, he says that upon learning of this situation, she stood next to two soldiers, awaiting the arrival of police officers. He did not speak to her as he does not speak English well.

As regards the searches, he say that he did not enter the apartment, as it had already been searched, but instead remained outside. Upon arriving and finding out about the situation with his Chief Roque, he carried out a search in a GNR car of all the places the child could be, specifically in commercial establishments, swimming pools and open spaces.

After the arrival of the police, also accompanied by a member of the GNR, he continued searching, checking the beach and all the paths leading to it.

At 05.00/06.00 he left the scene, having returned a little after 07.00. He did not carry out any searches in the company of the child's family or friends.

When questioned he replies that he remembers that the blinds of the window of the child's room were open, but inclined (the lower part, at about a hand's width). He does not remember if the window was open or what the state of the curtains was. He did not enter the room because he was told, he does not remember by whom, that the twins were sleeping.

He did not talk to the parents because, as he has stated previously, he does not speak English well.

By observing the scene he was unable to form an opinion whether it was an abduction or just a disappearance, although the whole area had been searched.

As concerns the photos of the child, he says that he only saw what he calls the originals, poster type 10 x 15 cm on photographic paper. He did not see any other type of photos. Upon being shown a sample, he recognises it as being identical.

When asked he say he does not know the quantity of photos, but that there was more than one. He says that of these photos, at least five, he annexed one to the document he sent to the Tribunal and another four were handed to the officers carrying out searches, which were later returned and handed to the police, in due course.

He says he does not know who handed him the photos, different from each other, two by two.

He is sure that he is the person who received them.

He states that the photos came from inside the apartment, he still cannot say who had them. When he was inside the police car, gathering identification documents from the parents, he asked someone nearby for photos, he does not know if that person was Portuguese or British. This same person entered the apartment and came out with the photos.

He does not know whether it was Silvia Baptista who gave him the photos, as she was translating the conversations, neither whether it was someone from the family or friends.

He is sure that he received them in the early morning, at about 02.00, when the police arrived, after having carried out the first search.

He has the impression he saw the girl's father, however he cannot confirm whether he was the one to give him the photos.

He presumes he was given the photos directly, or in other words that they were not passed to him via someone else.

When questioned he says that the photos could not have been printed/revealed at the Ocean Club installations (they do not have this kind of paper). He adds that the photos produced the following day, which he observed, were printed on A4 paper, which was available at the resort.

He says no more.

Reads, ratifies and signs.
1315 to 1317 Witness statement of Antonio Henrique da Conceicao Duarte 2007.05.16
05-Processos Vol V Pages 1315 to 1317
1315 to 1317-Witness statement of Antonio Henrique da Conceicao Duarte 2007.05.16
Witness Statement

Date: 2007/05/16

Antonio Henrique da Duarte Conceicao

Occupation: GNR Officer

He has been a GNR office since 1982. He holds the post of sergeant and is currently the Commander of the Lagos GNR Post.

At about 23.10/23.17 he heard from a telephone call from the Patrol Commander, Officer Roque, that there had been a disappearance at the OC resort, P da L.

Roque was on duty that day with Officer Nelson Costa.

He was told that (Roque) had already gone to main reception of the complex in Rua Direita and had met the father of the little girl who had appeared in the reception with a friend. Together with employee Silvia (service manager of the OC and who also acted as translator, the father (Gerald McCann) and the friend they went inside the apartment from which Madeleine McCann had disappeared. After Roque checked that the child was not in the apartment, he gathered information from the mother and father. He was told by the patrol, that the father had put forward a theory saying that it could have been an abduction. He was also told that there was a shutter that had been 'raised'.

The witness, from the description and supposed seriousness of the facts related, ordered the immediate preservation of the scene, and said he would go to the site and communicate the facts to the PJ (this was done from the Post, he does not remember which officer did this but thinks it was Officer Patricio).

He arrived alone, in his own car at about 23.50 and went to the apartment (to the entrance hall) by means of the front door (opposite the parking area) where he found the girl's parents, a couple and Silvia. He was told that the twins were still sleeping in the bedroom. On the patio next to the front door, was an English woman who had spoken to the patrol, and had referred to having see someone pass in the street, in a dark area, who was carrying a child. As the information had already been gathered and given his limited knowledge of English, he did not manage to talk to the woman.

At the scene, he talked directly to the patrol and to Silvia who informed him about what had been said. His hope was that the child had left the apartment alone and got lost or that someone had seen her and stayed with her temporarily.

He gave orders to the post so that they would send more officers to the scene, amongst them he remembers Officers Pimentel, Costa, Silva, Santos, Casimiro and Neto. He ordered one officer from the patrol to stay on the scene - Officer Costa. He then contacted the interim commander in Portimao, Lieutenant Bengala. He then went with Roque to several establishments that were still open and also patrolled the zone, in his car and on foot.

He had contact with several people, individually and as groups, obtaining information about the search results. He cannot say whom these people were.

Between 05.30 and 06.00 he went home, returning at 08.00.

He say he does not know Murat, and does not have the notion of having seen him before Friday 4th May at the mobile post installed at Rua Agostinho da Silva.

The first he knew about the existence of Murat was of an active individual who offered his help to translate some information/contacts with people who arrived at the mobile post, also offering to make a bridge with the OC.

He remembers that on a certain day, which he cannot specify, a journalist whom he cannot identify, informed him that amongst the Portuguese and foreign journalists at the scene, suspicion was 'running' about Robert Murat. Together with Officer Sequeira he informed the PJ to transmit this information.

On the following day, in the morning, he remembers that Robert Murat arrived at the mobile post saying that he noticed the journalists's suspicion about him and gave his mobile number and told him that he was going to discuss this with the PJ and that he was going to have 'dinner'.

No more was said. Reads, ratifies and signs.


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